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39T call charges are highly competitive, we pass on our preferential wholesales rates so you can enjoy cost savings. Almost 75% of 39 Telecoms customers that choose 39T for their new phone system save on their service charges.

39T calls are routed over the telephone network by a tier 1 carrier, which means you will get the highest quality calls, which is so important when running an efficient and professional operation. 39T will also provide support for your calls 24 hours a day.

Lines & Numbers

If you would like 39T to take over your lines we usually can have this done within 10 working days. A quick phone call to our Customer Service Team and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need to worry about changing business phone numbers too, 39 Telecoms will ensure you get to keep all your numbers. With 39T business phone line rental you can also easily choose new numbers including regional phone numbers, which is great if a geographical location is important to you.

Phone line


Per user & month

Business Grade

Monthly contract

Calls to landlines and mobiles

Call Package for UK phone calls


Phone line only &
Unlimited Calls


Per user & month

Monthly contract

Calls to landlines and mobiles

Call Package for UK phone calls

Call Package for 28 EU countries

Unlimited Broadband
or Fibre packages

From £18.95

Monthly Package Price*

Monthly contract

Calls to landlines and mobiles

Call Package for UK phone calls

Call Package for 28 EU countries

8 additional non-EU countries

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the middle of the month! Can I book a call package right now?

You can add a call package to your 39Telecom basic account at any time! The service charge for the first month is automatically pro-rated, so you only pay for the time left until the end of the month. Your call package will be active right after booking, so you can start saving right away with cheap calls to the UK and international destinations.

I’ve booked a call package. Where do I find my call tariff?

After booking a call package, the usual per-minute billing is replaced with a fixed monthly fee, which covers any calls to the included landline and mobile destinations. Any calls that aren’t covered by the call package are charged at our competitive per-minute call charges.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Our call packages can be cancelled at any time with a single click in your account. After we’ve received your cancellation, the call package will not be renewed in the next month. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your 39Telecom basic account to changing telephony requirements.

Where can I see my currently active call package?

When you’re logged in to your 39Telecom basic account, you’ll find a “My Services” tab in the Online Portal, which lists all active account features and call packages.

Which call package should I select?

We offer three different call packages with 39Telecom basic. All packages cover landline and mobile destinations in the included countries. If you’re mainly calling UK destinations, please select the UK Call Package. For calls to all EU countries, the EU Call Package should be right. If you’re calling non-EU destinations a lot, please check if our EU Plus Call Package has these included (included non-EU countries as of 20-06-2016: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, USA).

Are calls to mobile phone numbers included in the call package?

Yes! All our call packages include calls to landline numbers as well as mobile phone numbers in the included countries.

Can I switch between call packages?

No problem! You can book a call package with more destinations right from the Feature Store. To switch to a call package with fewer destinations, please contact our customer support for assistance.

Are forwarded calls covered by my call package?

Any calls forwarded from your 39Telecom basic account are not covered by our call packages and are charged at 39Telecom’s standard per minute call rates.

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